1-27-14 Signs Pilot

Check out the hot blonde, Misty, in Jeff Cottrone’s pilot, Signs.
She sounds familiar.

11-24-13 Updates

Hey Kids. You know what’s amazing? Sriracha sauce at Subway.
OH, also that I got a new theatrical agent! I’ll now be working with the, ever so brilliant, Nicole Dernersesian with FireStarter Entertainment.
Hopefully it will start some FIRES under those casting directors/producers over at #Brooklyn99 (see what I did there?)
Oh, and speaking of fire; I recorded a voice over for the new Hunger Games Chasing Fire ipad video game with the amazing guys at M2 Action,
AND I shot a pilot that’s super secret, but it MAY involve a music management company… and magic….
OR just a music management company with a cast member who performs MAGIC.
You’ll have to check back for details… cause I’m on FIRE. (see what I did there?)

Happy Turkey Day! I’m sure thankful … and on FIRE… okay. I’ll stop.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.


Oh, Jeff.. it's been too long. I miss you. Perhaps we'll see each other again. Perhaps...

Don't you want Stacey to make a comeback? I know I do!

Oh, wait! THERE she is!

11-5-13 DISHONORED 3

I MAY or my not have been the below character, Thalia Timsh, in the new Dishonored 3 video game. Directed by the, OH SO AMAZING, Wes Gleason.

11-5-13 Sweetmilk Update

So you remember that Brittish animated pilot I did? Well, it’s getting mad press. Check it out!
AND they have a Kickstarter for the second episode. Donate people! I want to do more. These kids are SUPER talented.
Plus it’s staring Mr. Gibbs (Kevin R. McNally)! How can you say no to that?! Answer: YOU CAN’T.

11-5-13 Confessions of a Working Actor

PS- I'm in THIS book. My way creative friend from Cal Arts, Jodi Nelson, wrote this incredibly candid, helpful and lovely book.
Available now on Amazon. Check it out!


Remember this?

If you answered: NO

It is me performing at the Comedy Store last month. You feel bad now that you didn’t know that, right?
Well, you can make it up to me by coming out to this next one.

You’ll feel better about yourself if you do.

If you answered: YES

Awesome! I’m doing it again. Come out and see.

Where:  The World Famous Comedy Store
Address: 8433 W Sunset Blvd  Los Angeles, CA 90069
When: Friday, September 20, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. in the MAIN Room
Cost: $15 and a two drink minimum
(I’m only funny when you’re drinking at LEAST two drinks. I'm HILARIOUS at three drinks.)
For Tickets and more details: info@triciapierce.com
Who: Louis C.K.
REALLY?!: No. Not really. It’s me (MY website, remember?)


What? MORE stand-up. Why, yes please. Wanna come see? Yes.. you do.

Where: Flappers Comedy Club
Address: 102 E Magnolia Blvd  Burbank, CA 91502
When: Thursday, August 22, 2013 at 10:00 p.m.
More details: info@triciapierce.com
Who: Me. Comedy. Awesome.


Shooting a Cal Arts Alumni short this weekend. Can't wait. There's some talented mutha's on this project
and it's gonna be AH-MA-zing. For realz. Check back for details.


I did a super fun 8 minute set at the Comedy Store (Belly Room) on Wednesday, August 7.
MAYBE I'll post the video... maybe.... ;) Until then, check out this screen shot from the set.

Comedy Store Set 8.7.13


 I know you want to SEE more. Too bad. It's just more READING about me.

So I FINALLY finished the voice over for my character, Vela, in the Sweetmilk Pilot with Director, Jason Weight.
It's gonna be SO amazing... SO. Amazing.

Speaking of super fun voice over gigs, I did one for my talented Brevity friends, Meghan Brown, Joe Kausch
and Matthew Tibbenham's pilot, Necromancer. Coming soon to a cemetery near you.

Wanna see some pictures? Cool. 

Here's a picture of the really really funny Clorox Commercial I shot in March.
Francis Lansang and I were on break enjoying our MILKSHAKES. Hell YEAH awesome craft service. Hell yeah.

Here's another fabulous picture of the FAT PIG, by Neal LaBute, staged reading I did at the Production Company (in rehearsal with Jay Blair)

Okay, I lied. You DO get to SEE some things.

Remember that ASK.COM commercial I did? Well here it is. See-away.

"GREY'S ER" Ask.com from Stephen Leeds / director on Vimeo.

Not enough Tricia, you say? Well feast your eyes on this bit of awesome-ness.
The LOVEDUMB Pilot I did. Now in living color.

LoveDumb (Full Pilot Episode) from LoveDumb on Vimeo.

You STILL aren't satisfied. Well check out this fabulous preview of the Pretty Girls Parking Trailer.

AND? Not only this super video, but a picture of me and my cast-mate, Michael Tabuso at the premiere party.

More deliciousness, like this Labcoat Meerkat production of "Teppy Shorts" coming soon.

1-5-13 YEAR 2012 IN REVIEW

Oh hello you lovely fans (Mom),

You thought I’d be updating this past 2012, didn’tcha? You thought you’d go to the Tricia News
and find out EXACTLY what I’d been doing each month in 2012.

Well, you were wrong.

Apparently I’m terrible at updating. Mostly ‘cause I’ve been so darn busy this past year…
and 2013 is ONLY going to be busier. Aren’t you glad to know there’s a REASON for my updating suckage?

Okay. Let’s first recap 2012:

Pretty Girls Parking

WGA Gay Scenes


I Fart in my Sleep


All this during tons of auditions, classes, workshops and good times.

See. You didn’t miss out on MUCH. ;)

Looking forward to just as productive a 2013. Keep track of me on twitter, if you want more.. daily. @Tricia_Pierce


I sometimes do legal industrials with Indie City Entertainment. Here’s the latest.

Awesome. I know.

1-2-12 UPDATES

Good lord! July was the last time I updated? Goodness gracious! 
Okay, New Years resolution right now: update my website way more…. So.. to catch up:

  1. I’ve done a bunch of short films.
  2. I took three workshops (all very exciting).
  3. I took four naps… maybe more.
  4. I took fancy new headshots with the amazing, Dana Patrick (to be posted soon!)
  5. I FINALLY took a stand-up class. Yes, stand-up. I mastered sitting,
    so this seemed like the next logical step. We are having a small showcase.
    You want the deets? See next sentence: 

When: Wednesday, January 11, 2012
Where: The Belly Room at the Comedy Store
Where now: 8433 W. Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90069
What, there’s more: $10 cover charge with a 2-beverage minimum
(must be old enough to buy adult-type drinks).
Disclaimer: The aforementioned “New Years resolution”, is a New Year’s resolution…
so you can’t be mad if it’s months again before I update… again. 

Come see my show. I make no promises that you’ll laugh, but I can promise that I’ll be there.  


7-25-11 Jeff the Cat: Merchant of Darkness Ep. 6

No Jeffs were harmed in the making of this movie.

Check out the latest, Jeff the Cat.. staring me...


6-12-11 Yes. I'm Super Busy and Important.

I have been super busy the past couple weeks and since I know
you’ve been waiting in eager anticipation, I’ll give you a quick update:

and provocative play. It happen to be sold out almost every show… which is unheard of
in Los Angeles Independent theatre… in fact, it was SO amazing that they are taking it to Chicago..
with a possibility of NYC being the next stop. I had a great time working on
this show and can’t wait for the next run. More information.

BEYOND BREVITYTV.com series, “Cohabitation Tips for the Recently Unsingle”,
starring me and voice over giant, Popeye V., is already on episode 2…
and it’s fabulous. 

TEPPY STRIPS I collaborated with some hugely talented college mates 
from Cal Arts on a brilliant and extremely hilarious series called,
Teppy Strips by Labcoat Meerkat Productions. I had an FANTASTIC time
and can’t wait to see this show go live. It’s really special and innovative….
Keep a watch out for this one.

ESCAPE FROM BECKYVILLE is the fourth book from the talented,
Nicole Sconiers. I had the opportunity to work on the promo with my producer
friend, Maurice Poplar. It was a lot of fun and the book is excellent… should be airing soon.

JEFF THE CAT is a popular web series created by my brilliantly twisted friend, Jim Hanna.  
It was EVEN featured on TOSH.O! We are shooting at the end of the month and I’m SUPER excited.
I will post again about this one when it’s ready to go live.. but keep checking back for sure…
he ALWAYS impresses. Jim. Not Jeff, the cat. Although, he's impressive too.

KARATE KID I was asked by one of my favorite Monty Pythong cast mates to be a part of
their ongoing staged readings. They take famous cult movies and make them
into an interactive drinking games. These have been doing so well and I’m so thrilled they
asked me to join them for their next incarnation on Saturday, June 25, 2011 at 8:00 p.m.
Get your tickets soon, they sell out every show… and really… you don’t want to
miss my Elizabeth Shue…. You don’t. For more information and tickets.

Oh… and I’m doing more stuff.. but I’ll save that for the next round of postings…
Happy Sunday!

5-6-11 What? ANOTHER industrial?

Yes. Yes I did. And I had a GREAT time.  Woohoo for bookings!

5-5-2011 Cooking with Sherry

Sherri has a cooking show. Sherri's husband just left her. Sherri has knives and cooking Rum.
Sherri's fun.  Shooting tomorrow. Playing soon at an Internet near you. Like HERE

4-21-2011 Oh "hi" Again

So I know. I keep promising I'll be there and then disappearing for a few months...
Yeah, I'm that guy. But I'll try and be better. For starters I'll tell you that I like your hair. Oh, and I've been in a couple
performances of this awesome world premier play  called "Women are Crazy because Men are Assholes".
You should see it. Even if you are neither. My last performance is Saturday, April 30, 2011 (and I'm not in all of them)
so buy your ticket already! Oh, that's not all. I've been making out with girls in Happy Owl Studio's
first commercial series  for their ipad Clutch and Wallet products. Watch it here.  They are awesome.
And buy Blue Cheese. Girls like it.

2-15-2011 Who is this "Tricia" lady...

THIS is Tricia.

2-15-2011 Welcome Back

You may be saying to yourself, "Self, you haven’t heard from Tricia in MONTHS.. What's going on?" 
THAT’S what’s going on. I’ve been super busy with voice over auditions, on-camera auditions and all 
kinds of auditioning.. well, actually… that pretty much covers it. Oh, and I’ve been doin’ some awesome hilarious-ness with
. What’s that you ask? Check it out the webseries, Couples Therapy. That SHELIA is hot.
I’ve also been on your local cartoon network channel every Saturday for the past couple months. Yes, that’s right, if you’ve 
been watching Kekkaishi on Adult Swim, then you’ve been hearing  me as “Shion”. See, Self, you haven’t REALLY 
been Tricia-less for very long… Go ahead, be relived.

Glad to be back.

9-24-2010 Gleeclipse

Teen-aged monster nerds surviving high school in a Twilight monster world.
Only the Glee Club can save them... Wow, that hot vampire girl looks familiar...
Check out the trailer on my links page and leave lovely comments. Monsters need love too.

8-31-2010 Kekkaishi

I’m changing my name to “Professional Villain”. I think it’s catchy.
Okay, so I’m not changing my name, but I AM playing another sexy villain
on Adult Swim’s Anime show, Kekkaishi. Keep an ear out for the gorgeous “Shion”… 
she’s reoccurring. So she does evil things… more than once….

07-15-2010 Rover.com

Are you having a problem with your rover puck? Are you curious about what the heck a rover puck is?
In order to find out, did you call the rover.com help line and are now on hold listening to an annoying
woman telling you to press 7 if you want to speak with a representitive and press 3 to get transfered
to a deaf mute eunich? Well, step back, get excited and tell all your friends, because that's MY annoying voice.
The new voice of rover.com!

ch? Well people, step back, get excited and tell all your friends, cause that’s MY annoying voice. The voice of rover.com

05-7-2010 Reel Schmeeeel

My brand new comedy reel, courtesy of the brilliant Robbie Adler, is now live. 
Please check it out in my “Reels” section.

04-22-2010 Chuck the Duck Commercial

Do you watch The Ellen DeGeneres Show? Come on, admit it, you know you do. 
Well, if you don’t, you should definitely catch the episode this fall that features the
“Chuck The Duck” commercial I did in April.
So… watch… listen… and think to yourself,
“Hey, I know that voice.” Check back for more details...

04-12-2010 Avant Artists

I'm proud to announce a new development in my career: I've signed across the board with Avant Artists!
The agents are amazing, their clients are brilliant and apparently they have a taste for talent!
I'm thrilled to be working with them!

04-10-2010 Friedrich & Gurtl

Imagine: Black background, Spot Light, Prose, Love, Hate... Mostly hate.. with a German Accent.
Check out this ongoing series on http://beyond.brevitytv.com/
Airing in June.

03-27-2010 Method Actor

I teamed up again with the brilliant Jessica Renslow, of Almost Fairy Tales Productions, for a
webseries that I am really excited about. "A Day in the Life of a Method Actor" is a fun farce
about the secret world of voice over actors.. behind the scenes...of "the method". Well stocked with
all the hot names in Animation today, this webseries promises to be hilarious and insightful!
Check my links page for updated information!

03-22-2010 Father Type

Who just did a voice over for some kick ass animation from Adam Perly with
Bad Camera Productions? Me! Check the links section soon for a link to the trailer to
"Father Type". It's gonna be AWESOME!

03-20-2010  Legal-ese

Second Industrial in a row for Indie City Entertainment. If you have
any questions regarding legal things.. really.. i sound like I know
what I'm talking about... really.

03-01-2010 Catch The Series

Catch, the webseries I did with Indie City Entertainment, is now up and running. Check it out in my
"links" section! I'm sure you'll enjoy it... killing and whatnot, always enjoyable!

10-26-2009 Haunted America

You've been warned.

09-12-2009 Betsy Hammer's Music Video

So this past weekend I spent hanging out with some amazing people from
Happy Madison and a fabulously talented, Betsy Hammer. We filmed the
music video for her featured single "Hang onto your dreams" on her new
cd. It was fabulous. She was fabulous. Everything was... well...
fabulous. Stay tuned for details.

08-22-2009 Comedy Lab Live

One script. One rehearsal. One day performance. It was awesome.
Improv Olympic West

07-15-2009 BLEACH

Nope. It's not just for clothes anymore! BLEACH is one of Cartoon
Network's most popular shows on Adult Swim.
I play a raging anime bitch in clown make-up.
Hope I'm not starting to get type cast.
It's reoccurring, in case you don't get enough of me. ;)

07-11-2009 Leslie Kahn

I started a comedy intensive class at LESLIE KAHN's acting studio. I am
studying with John Rosenfeld, who is fabulous! Lots of work, but I'm
learning a lot! So psyched!

07-08-2009 Monty Python's SPAM-A-LOT

Who was the opening act for the Los Angeles premier of Monty Python's
SPAM-A-LOT at the Ahmanson Theatre?
You guessed it... ME! And a couple of my Monty Pythong cuties, Adina,
Tara, Natalie and Hannah. We rocked the opening, entertained many, and
got to see the fabulous show.
All in all a super night!

06-14-2009 Bridesmaides

A girl gets proposed to.
She asks her BFF’s to be in the wedding.
Her BFF then reminds her of a blood pact she made at 7 years old to
never ever marry any stinky boys on pain of death or else she will have
to buy the other one a pony.
They eat muffins and bagels.
*may or may not be based on a true story.
Check me out on www.brevitytv.com

06-13-2009 The Magic Complimenting Dog

Cartoon Network isn't the only lucky channel with my voice.
Check out Brevitytv.com's cartoon "The Magic Complimenting Dog"... It's HILARIOUS
and that chick, Margaret, sounds very very similar to...  well... me. :) Airing soon.

06-12-2009 VEROFOTO

Had an AMAZING photo shoot with Veronica Puleo of Verofoto..She's
absolutely fabulous! Check out her website in my links section.

06-01-2009 Goldsteinberg and Cohen Elementary School

I am writing a webseries with the fabulously talented, Samantha Kern.
Let's just say.. Jewish.Elementary School.Temp. Funny stuff, kids. Very funny stuff.
This is my first "big time" writing venture so, be kind.
Almost done with the first five episodes. 
Stay tuned for more information.

05-25-2009 Say Uncle

What do you get when you throw two complicated tweens into the
uncomplicated life of a nude photographer/ perpetual bachelor?
Hilarity, dear ones, HILARITY. I look forward to playing the uptight
social worker in this new pilot. Oh, orphans. How could that NOT be funny?!
Check back for details…

05-18-2009 Brevity TV

Who's the newest member of the online sketch troupe Brevitytv.com? It's
me, it's me. Check them out in my links section.

05-12-2009 Blue Dragon

What's that? You missed my first brilliant performance on BLUE DRAGON?
Well, fret not, friends, you will have another chance. I will be in
ANOTHER episode of Cartoon Network's BLUE DRAGON (on adult swim) in the
coming months. I will be in episode 9, "Dance of Love," as the Red Seductress named
DONNA, AND because I was so awesome, they asked me to be a NURSE in
episode 8! Two episodes this season, you say? Why, yes I do.
Check back for showtimes over the summer.

03-17-2009 Monty Python: 

Almost the Truth (The Lawyer's Cut)

Keep a look out for my gorgeous mug on the IFC in early October!

03-12-2009 Monty PyThong: 

The Curse of the Missing Penguin"

Monty PyThong: The Curse of the Missing Penguin"
Performances on Thursdays
March 12-April 16, 2009 at 8pm.
Next Stage Theater
1523 N LaBrea, 2nd Floor (Above the Woods)
Hollywood, CA 90028
$15 Adults/$10 w/ student id
Industry Comps available with business card.
To RSVP, email us at mpythong@gmail.com

02-15-2009 Catch Webseries, Episode 7

So.. a gal goes on a date with a serial killer..
and gets killed.
Catch webseries, Episode 7

01-21-2009 Monty Pythong Documentary

Apparently we have many fans across the pond in the UK...
The Monty Python cast are doing a documentary and guess who they asked
to be in it???
Go on.. guess...
I'll wait.
Please look for the documentary "I did it all for the Money" staring
ME.. oh, and the men from Monty Python AND the Monty Pythong all girl
cast... in theatres on the IFC and BBC in November 2009!
Stay tuned for new show dates starting in March 2009!

09-21-2008 Pshyco Bitches, Why Men Go Gay

Yes. Like it sounds. I am doing a sketch show with some of the women
from the Award Winning Celebration Theatre Company. We have ONE
PERFORMANCE ONLY, Sunday, September 21, 2008 at 7:00pm. Come on out!!!

09-14-2008 Catch Webseries

I've collaborated with James Huffman of Indie City Entertainment to
come up with this silly spoof about the Match.com banner ads. Ah, good solid acting.. 

08-01-2008 Comedy Brothel

Intervention? Inside the Porn Actors Studio? Ever wonder what happened
to those series I was in? Well wonder no more. They are up. And hilarious.
Watch often and be enthralled with the brilliance of my porn character
"Bunny Creavace" in INSIDE THE PORN ACTORS STUDIO, or the small and
subtle nuances of my junkie character, Beth, in INTERVENTION.
You will be amazed. Please visit my "links page" and click on COMEDY BROTHEL. :)

07-23-2008 Say Heebo To Tarvuism

I am now a practicing Tarvuist. I gave wonderful and deep testimonials
about how I am now able to speak more clearly to sea creatures and how
it's really improved my love life now that I am out of prision....
airing in Europe and the USA...
Check them out in my links section. 
Praise Tarvu

07-12-2008 Ghost Recon

Ghost Recon.
Comedy Central here we come.
"The truth is out there...you just need the proper equipment to
actually find it. And when you do find it you have to prove that it
wasn't an equipment anomaly. If it wasn't an equipment anomaly then
that means you found the truth...it is at that point that our job is to
then take the truth and then dis-truth it. If we successfully dis-truth
the truth, then it is no longer the truth."
Chadwick Chet
Head of P.N.S.

05-22-2008 Blue Dragon Voice Over

You like the sound of my voice? Well apparently so does the cartoon
network! I will be the new voice of "Pink Hair Ghost Lady" on episode
18 of the show, "Blue Dragon". It airs on the Cartoon Network Saturday
mornings at 9am.

05-12-2008 Dirty Chat

I just shot a pilot called "Dirty Chat" with Agua Films. It's like the
Office... but with phone sex, and less paper. It's really funny and
everyone was really great. I can't wait to see how it turned out! Look
for it online soon. Check out the trailer in my links section.

04-19-2008 Monty Pythong

WE HAVE BEEN EXTENDED! Two more performances, Saturday April 19th and
26th at 8pm!  I am participating in a sketch show called "Monty Pythong". Director
Brett Schlank adapted classic Monty Python sketches for the stage. With
an all-female cast, the production puts a whole new twist on the
hilarious sketches of the past. COME ON OUT!!!! Um.. Cause ERIC IDOL
was there on the 28th and LOVED IT!!!

03-30-2008 Intervention

Ever wonder who does interventions for the straight edge kids, the
alcohol and drug free ones? Well wonder no more. Comedy brothel has
answered this question.. and so much more. Check them out in my links section.

03-28-2008 I'm on the RADIO!

On Friday, March 28, 2008 the cast of the Monty Pythong Show, will be
on KPFK’s “Poncho Hour of Power” talking about our
fabulous performances! So tune into 90.7 KPFK at 4:00pm on Friday and
listen to us be fantastic!  

03-22-2008 Inside the Adult Actors Studio

Yes. Like it sounds. I play a porn star. It's hilarious. More to cum...

03-01-2008 Everywhere and Nowhere

I am thrilled to announce a new film I am working on called "Everywhere
and Nowhere" with Almost Fairy Productions. I must say, it’s a pleasure working with a
credited editor, costumer, award-winning screenwriter and dedicated crew.
The film takes place in small town Nevada, 1959. I am playing the role of Leala Sanders,
a small town hair dresser. Let’s just say I LOVE LUCY has returned! Please check back
for updates when we get closer to festival time.

02-17-2008 Hot Girls Cooking

I am shooting my second cooking show with 151 productions. Don't worry,
I'm not cooking.. I am commenting on cooking.. which is much easier
than actually doing it. ;) Watch for updates about this on-going project!

12-06-2007 Next Stage

I am performing in a Sketch Comedy Show @ The Next Stage (La Brea &
Sunset, upstairs from Mashti Malone's)
Performance Dates: Thursdays @ 8pm - December 6th, 13th, 20th and
January 3rd, 10th and 17th!

12-03-2007 The Change Up

"The Change-Up" came in at number 3 on Famecast.com!! Please check it
out on my links page. It's your typical hired assassin, killer henchmen buddy film...
with a twist of estrogen. 

11-18-2007 Popping The Question

I got cast in a short at Chapman University called "Popping the
Question." I play the girlfriend in this romantic comedy of
misunderstandings. It was very fun to make. Check it out on my links page!

10-28-2007 Only You- USC

Just finished shooting "Only You" for USC. It was super fun, and I must
say, the free coffee was delicious.

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