Acting Industry

Actors Access
Find my Actor info here.

My IMDb listing

LA Casting
Another place to find my info...

Whitefire Entertainment
I am a producer on many films for this production company.
This one is growing fast... so keep checking back!


Brevity TV
My newest online sketch troupe venture.

Beyond Brevity TV
More great Brevity - half the fat

Monty Pythong Show
The all-female comedy troupe I am a part of, puts its own twist on the sketches
originated by the cult British comics of Monty Python.  

Watch Me

iPad Clutch Series
I'm iPad. She's the clutch. Together we are awesome.

Couples Therapy
Every couple has a little crazy...

Teen-aged monster nerds surviving high school in a Twilight monster world.

My Youtube Channel
Basically it?s all Tricia all the time. 24-7 me. If you?re into that sort of thing.

Comedy Brothel
The core members of Comedy Brothel met quite serendipitously while serving time for
various offenses on a Louisiana chain gang. Check out what I learned in prison:

Dirty Chat
This is the pilot I shot called "Dirty Chat" with Agua Films. It's just the teaser...
look for more to come soon!

Everywhere and Nowhere
Independent film I have been working on. Set in the fifties.... I'm wearing the red wig...
yeah... drag apparently looks good I me. ;)

This is an Independant film I did. It's a sitcom- style comedy short written and directed by Ron Ray.

Popping the Question
Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Boy accidentally burns, freezes, drenches and smothers girl.
Boy proposes to girl. Girl says.... Featuring Tricia Pierce, Kevin Sporman, Derek Alexander.
Written & Directed by Jason Uribe

I joined a cult. It's great. Just watch!

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